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There is so much uncertainty in the world right now with this crazy virus and how it has impacted our jobs, our families, our homes, our schedules and yes our schooling also.

If you are looking for updates on how the department of education is handling these changes, please head over to my FACEBOOK or
YOUTUBE page for the most recent updates.

In the meantime, many of you are embarking on the world of VIRTUAL IEP meetings and you aren’t sure what to expect.

As an advocate with clients from all over the country, I frequently attend meetings by zoom or by phone. I know it’s scary, but in my experience, as long as you are PREPARED and CONFIDENT, virtual meetings can be JUST as successful!

My role as a Master IEP coach and advocate is to make sure you walk into your next meeting feeling confident and prepared, even when those meetings are virtual. Here are a few tips to support you as you move through this “stay home” journey of IEPs.

With you in the trenches,

Nicole Schlechter


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