Educating Special Needs Parents

Educating Special Needs Parents

Educating Special Needs ParentsEducating Special Needs ParentsEducating Special Needs Parents

giving you the tools to walk into your next IEP meeting confident and prepared.



Who is Nicole?

I am a Master IEP Coach and Advocate. I am an Autism, ADHD and Anxiety mom of 4. After over 10 years advocating for my son and working in education, I've decided to alter direction. Now, I share my passion by helping educate other special needs parents. By simplifying the IEP process for both staff and parents, teams see desired outcomes faster than ever thought possible, without a fight. I like to explain it that my job is a proactive approach. I try to step in before things get difficult to dig into the IEP, any testing done, accommodations and modifications to make sure you are getting everything you want and your child needs. 

Why Nicole?

No parent should sit in an IEP meeting and feel unsure of what is being decided for their child. I help bridge the gap to create a more cohesive IEP team and a better outcome for your child. 


I've had SO many parents contact me asking what they should be asking during an IEP meeting. You don't know, what you don't know right? Not anymore! I've worked REALLY hard to come up with a check list of questions that will open the door for collaborative conversation between the parent and the rest of the IEP team. 

Print this out, and bring it with you so you can write down your answers. This list provides you with a jumping off point to best advocate for your child.

You know your kid best, and now you have the tools to support your child in IEP meetings. Click below for your free copy!