What I Do


I help parents of children who have diagnosis’s like ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Epilepsy or have similar needs at school to navigate special education through parent education and IEP Advocacy. Families who work with me are experiencing more positive and collaborative meetings resulting in more effective and efficient IEP’s or 504’s.

My Philosophy

No parent should sit in an IEP meeting and feel unsure of what is being decided for their child. I help bridge the gap to create a more cohesive IEP team and a better outcome for your child. 

My Methods

I do things a little differently around here. My role as a special education strategist is to educate you so that you walk into your next meeting feeling confident and prepared. You are the most consistent IEP or 504 team member and will be the only team member who supports your child throughout their entire journey. 

During IEP or 504 meetings I work with you and the rest of the team to foster positive relationships and keep the meeting student focused. 

My Goals

My goal is that parents feel confident in what they know about their child, prepared to ask for hard things and comfortable with the plan put into place.

My goal is that by digging in deep to each IEP and 504 with parents goals and concerns in mind, together we can create an effective and efficient support system so that your child reaches goals and makes progress faster than ever. 

Have a Question?

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Document Review

Maybe you don't need me at a meeting for IEP Advocacy? I am available to review your child's education documentation too. This review includes a consultation where we can discuss your goals for your child. Afterwards, I will review the IEP and make suggestions to help your child reach those goals. You get a second opinion on your child's health, so education is not any different.

IEP/504 Meeting attendance

Feel overwhelmed at meetings and need someone to accompany you to help facilitate a productive meeting? Let me join you in person or virtually to help with IEP Advocacy. 

This service includes a consultation, full document review and meeting attendance. In addition, I will be helping you prepare for the meeting to ensure we address all concerns and explain what to expect. 

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How to Write your Parent Input Statement

One of THE most important parts of your child’s IEP is the parent input statement and SO many times it is left blank in the IEP.

Use this template to create a parent input statement that really draws a picture of who your child is, where they are at and where you want them to go.

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