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We are on snack number 497 and I’ve heard I’m bored about 216 times today. I’m feeling a little like a cruise ship director trying to keep these kids screen free and occupied… BORED NO MORE FRIENDS… Here is a list of ACTUALLY fun at home activities that are sure to beat the no school boredom.

  1. Interview a family member or call a nursing home to interview a “grandparent”
  2. Measure the area and perimeter of each room in your home. Then figure out how many square feet are in the house.
  3. Write and mail a letter to your teacher, a friend or family member! Address the envelope yourself.
  4. Build a “fable fort” out of blankets and chairs. Camp in it all day while you create stories to tell your family over dinner.
  5. Have a camp out in the fort overnight.
  6. Call a grandparent or older relative. Ask them to teach you the words to a song from their childhood days. Look up the song on YouTube to practice, then use Facetime to perform the song on your next call.
  7. Learn ten new big words. Write them in dry erase marker on your bathroom mirror.
  8. Create a word walk obstacle course with note cards. Place them down the hallway and have a sibling pick them up as the read the words. Get creative!
  9. Use paper towel or toilet paper rolls to create a marble maze on the window. Tape the rolls to the window to create a maze for the ball to roll down. Use a timer to see which maze takes the slowest or longest amount of time.
  10. Draw a treasure map of your home. Hide a treasure and have a parent or sibling follow your map to find it.
  11. Learn, practice, and perform a magic trick.
  12. Use household materials to make and play stringed, percussion, and wind instruments.
  13. Go on a nature walk. Hypothesize the different things you will see. Cross them off when you find them on your walk.
  14. Practice math skills with chalk on the driveway.
  15. Put your favorite book, toy, and keepsake on a small table in sunlight. Draw or paint a full color still life.
  16. If you have stairs, walk up and count them. Walk down and count by twos. Walk up and count by threes. Continue through tens.
  17. Using one type of paper (constant), build three different paper airplanes (independent variable) and test to see how far they fly (dependent variable).
  18. Write or tell a story titled “What if humans had to leave the Earth and no one remembered to turn off the last robot?”
  19. Use an ice tray to freeze colored ice cubes. Paint a picture once they are frozen.
  20. Use newspaper or recycled paper to have an indoor snowball fight.
  21. Collect sticks from the yard and spell out your name or spelling words using the sticks.
  22. Use painters tape to create a pattern or obstacle course on the sidewalk. Try to ride your bike or scooter through the pattern.
  23. Use seed packets or seeds from the fridge veggies to plant an indoor starter garden in paper dixie cups. When the plants start to sprout, plant them in your outside garden.
  24. Make a leprechaun trap using household materials.
  25. Paint river rocks and leave them throughout your neighborhood.
  26. With your eyes closed, use old make up to paint “war paint” on a sibling or parents face.
  27. Pretend it is someone’s birthday. Surprise them with a “not” birthday cake, homemade gifts and the happy “not” birthday song!
  28. Go for a picnic in the yard.
  29. Choose a country and celebrate for a day. Cook foods, create crafts, make your own clothes all in the traditions of that country.
  30. Hide Easter eggs early! Take turns hiding and finding to fine tune those hunting skills.
  31. Have a pajama movie night complete with blankets, pillows and popcorn in the family room.
  32. Film a cooking show for your pretend YouTube channel.
  33. Create your own spa day at home. Wear robes, paint nails, DIY a charcoal face mask for the whole family!
  34. Instead of game night, have a whole game day. Plan it the day before to build the excitement over the games you’ll play.
  35. Write a letter to a military member, firefighter, police officer or doctor to let them know how much you appreciate them.
  36. Learn a new yoga pose as a family.
  37. Play I spy in each room of the house.
  38. Create a time capsule to be opened in 10 years.
  39. Research the constellations, then try to find them once the sun goes down.
  40. Make up a dance routine. Face time a friend to show it off and challenge them to a dance battle.
  41. Ask your parents what their favorite movie was growing up, have an old school movie night, complete with costumes.
  42. Use toothpicks and marshmallows to build a bridge or house.
  43. Turn your backyard or basement into a ninja warrior course. Estimate how fast you can go, then use a timer to test your theory.
  44. Use Dry erase markers to color on the bathroom mirror.
  45. Use paper plates and painters tape to create a mega sized tic tac toe game.
  46. Pillow Sumo wrestling. Parent supervision required.
  47. Balloon tennis using a balloon and spatula or fly swatter. Don’t let the balloon drop!
  48. Cut out the center of paper plates, and use a paper towel roll to play ring toss.
  49. Play freeze dance.
  50. Tape crepe paper crisscross across the hallway to create a laser maze. Climb through without tearing the paper.

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