Special Needs Parents

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Click the contact me tab to set up a FREE 15 minute consultation so we can initiate a plan of action to best support your child's special education needs.


3 hours of support and service

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Feel overwhelmed at meetings and need someone to accompany you to help facilitate a productive meeting? Let me join you! 

This service also includes a consultation and IEP review prior to meeting.  This 3 hours may include texts, emails, phone calls, an IEP review or attendance at an IEP meeting (virtually or in person) and is good for 1 year from the purchase date. 


IEP Audit

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 I am available to review your childs current IEP or 504. This review includes a FREE consultation where we can discuss your goals for your child. After our consultation I will review the IEP and make suggestions to help your child reach those goals.  


Virtual Messaging

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Online chat for up to 30 mins to answer questions or develop plans for special ed services. This is a great option if you just a have a few questions or need a little direction. This also includes a follow-up email with resources and any advocacy letters needed.