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Margaret L.

 Nicole has an excellent understanding of the IEP process and its ups and downs. Let her experience and knowledge help you and your family help your child get a great start in life. I wish I had her experience from the beginning, but I am so glad to have it now. Getting an IEP setup is an emotional and stressful process. She will help you navigate through it and have a positive experience. After all us special needs parents go through, why not do what you can to reduce the stress of the IEP! 

Danielle T.

 Nicole is very knowledgeable about the IEP process and the laws. She will review your paperwork, provide you resources, answer your questions (all 5 million of them!) and guide you on your child's individual needs, issues with the school district and the entire IEP process. Most importantly, she is always available and will take the time to talk to you at any time to go over your concerns. She is genuine and compassionate. She wants to help you as a parent in finding your voice and arming yourself with knowledge so that you can be the best advocate for your child during the entire process. She is motivating and encouraging which is so important when you are going through such an emotional and overwhelming process. I would highly recommend Nicole and have already many times. She's in this field for the right reasons. 

David C.

Thanks so much for everything you did today. Your ability to control the room and meeting was outstanding. Your confidence and approaches helped my wife feel like she has someone on her side. In the end, your help and guidance helped establish what's best for my son! 

Meghan P.

I am very happy with the outcome of our meeting. Thank you for all you did to support us.   I won't go to another meeting without an IEP Check Up and Review again.  

Brittany C.

 I can not express how thankful we are for you and everything you did for us today. 

Stacy R.

Nicole is supportive and knowledgeable without ruffling feathers at the IEP table. She was able to help us get everything we asked for. Her positive attitude was amazing and she really GETS IT as a parent of an autism child. It's nice not feeling alone.