Behavior at School: a 4 part series

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For years, when the phone rang and I looked at the caller ID, my stomach dropped. I didn’t want anymore “bad news”! I would sit in meetings and on phone calls that felt really negative, telling me all the things my child wasn’t doing right… I felt confused and unsure of how I could collaborate to help my child when I didn’t even really understand how the school processed the behavior or how they came up with the plan they game me.

I’ve created a 4 part series on behavior at school just for you, so that when we return, you understand the process of how schools handle behavior and what you can do to support your child.

After this series you will know

  • What to ask for when your child is struggling with behavior
  • How school handles behavior
  • What the FBA should be identifying
  • How to dissect your child’s BIP so that it supports their unique needs
  • Classroom strategies that don’t include a clip chart!



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