Hey ADHD, AUTISM, ODD, DMDD parents... yea all of you! I'm talking to you if your child struggles with social, emotional or behaviors at school and beyond.

Ever feel frustrated because you KNOW your child isn't in control of their behavior and you just don't know how to support them?
Yea... me too.
Have you have felt like what was being offered was good, but not good enough?
Yea... me too.
Do you dread the phone ringing because you're afraid its the school... AGAIN?

As a parent it is our job to have all the answers and fix all the things, but the problem is that sometimes it just isn't possible. Sometimes, these struggles are beyond parenting and we need help! And sometimes, the school needs help too.

Join us while we look at real life scenarios and possible supports and interventions for the students struggling.

Do you have a pressing issue? Leave a comment below, send me a message or set up a phone call so we can create a custom plan together!



Monday, November 18 2 PM

Join us on Monday November 18 as we do a little GOAL DIGGING. Bring your IEP, put on your favorite comfy pants, grab your wine and lets get digging to discuss what the heck these IEP goals are saying, how they should be written and how you can be more proactive in writing them at the next IEP meeting.


Tuesday December 16 at 6pm


Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? NOPE. Can't hear anything over the yelling! Pass the Christmas wine!

We all know the holidays are a stressful time for all of us! And for our kids who thrive on structure and routine... well the holidays can bring extra chaos! Let's talk about ways we can cut down on that stress for you and our kids! The holidays are a time for family so let's really get together to support the ones who need it most, so we can get back to the presents, laughs and the figgy pudding! Do people really eat that?